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Latest Allergy News

Over-the-Counter Meds Save Health Care System Money

On average, each dollar spent on over-the-counter medicines saves the U.S. health care system $7.20, totaling nearly $146 billion in annual savings, according to a report released March 18 by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

Doctors With Malpractice Claims More Likely to Leave Medicine

Physicians with one or more paid malpractice claims are more likely to leave practice or shift into smaller practice settings, according to a study published in the March 28 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Homes With High Ventilation Rates Tied to Respiratory Issues

People living in homes with high average air exchange rates are more likely to report chronic cough, asthma, or asthma-like symptoms, according to a study published in the February issue of Environmental Research.

Peanut Patch Linked to Increased Responder Rate in Children

For peanut-allergic children, use of epicutaneous immunotherapy with a peanut patch is associated with a statistically significant increase in the percentage of responders (meeting a defined eliciting dose to a peanut challenge) at 12 months, according to a study published online Feb. 22 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.