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Risk of Secondary Primary Cancer Varies With Lymphoma Stage

The risk of secondary primary malignancies varies based on stage of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma at diagnosis, according to a study published online Sept. 11 in Cancer.

Prediagnostic Colonoscopy Cuts Colorectal Cancer Death Risk

The risk for colorectal cancer death drops with an increasing number of prediagnostic colonoscopies, largely due to fewer advanced cancers at time of diagnosis, according to a study recently published in BMC Cancer.

Juul Stopping Sales of Fruit, Dessert Flavors of E-Cigarettes

Juul, which makes the top-selling brand of electronic cigarettes in the United States, said Thursday it will no longer sell fruit or dessert flavors of its products. The company's decision comes as it faces widespread criticism that its flavored nicotine products are hooking a generation of teenagers on nicotine and vaping, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

Meat Study Authors Have Financial Ties to Beef Industry

The authors of a recent study downplaying the health risks of red meat have financial ties with meat producers. The international group of researchers has received funding from a university program partially backed by the beef industry, the Washington Post reported Monday.