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Latest Neurology News

Researchers Look to New Alzheimer’s Theories

By Nancy Wurtzel Billions of dollars have been spent searching for a cure or effective treatment for Alzheimer’s and related degenerative brain diseases. Sticky protein plaques formed by beta amyloid […]

Primary Clinicians: Check the Brain’s Vital Signs During Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

By Nancy Wurtzel The brain is the only vital organ not routinely assessed in clinical practice, but that’s changing, especially for patients over 65. Since age is one of the […]

Primary Care Doctors: How to Talk to Patients About Memory Loss

Primary care physicians are often the first health care provider to see memory problems in their patients, often when symptoms are obvious.  However, detecting cognitive issues earlier is challenging because […]

Prevalence of Risk Factors for Alzheimer, Related Dementias Identified

Risk for Incident Dementia Up With Pro-Inflammatory Diet

Age-Specific Dementia Risk Scores Developed for Mid, Late Life

Sad senior woman sitting at table

Pollution Accounts for One in Six Deaths Worldwide

Sharp Spike Seen in Air Pollution Levels in Recent Years

Increased Flexibility Seen in Preapproval Evidence for New Drugs